Matnatten in Malmö

Wednesday, October 16th

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Popular and high gastronomy at street level!

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THE TRADITION OF AUTUMN IS BACK - Matnatten will take place for the sixth consecutive year in it´s hometown of Malmö! This year Matnatten will take place on a Wednesday, the restaurant scene's new Friday! A perfect time to for you to celebrate that half of the working week has past!

Equipped with a clip card, you visit the restaurants at your own pace and order. The clip card contains 8 taste samples. Each restaurant will serve a sample that reflects the restaurant's signature dish which will give you a good understanding of the place.

The restaurants have different conditions for receiving guests at Matnatten. Taste samples can therefore be served in different ways, all from outside the restaurant to a table with seating.

The event takes place between 16-23 and the easiest way to get around the city is by bike or on foot.

In order to enjoy the evening you must first switch your purchased ticket to a clip card. You will have the opportunity to do this at a specified location in the city between 12-19 the same day that Matnatten takes place. The delivery point is announced about 1 week before the event.

Visit Matnatten yourself or with friends and family. You do not need to be a food enthusiast to enjoy Matnatten, just a person who likes to have a good time! Get your tickets while their hot, we think you will enjoy it!


Blind ticket is a ticket type we release before the restaurants are announced. This type of ticket are perfect for you who loves to be surprised!
Each round contains 8 unique restaurants in a specific area. The round are assigned a color to distinguish them from the others.

We urge all restaurants to have a vegetarian option, but unfortunately that is nothing we can guarantee.

Unfortunately, we have no way of taking allergies into account. With 400 guests per round, it is difficult for the pubs to adjust the taste sample to this. You are welcome to participate and eat whatever you can.
If drinks are desired, the restaurants sell a suitable alternative, usually both on whole and half glass.

Is the ticket personal?


Can the tickets be sold out?

Yes! The amount of tickets are limited for each night. Therefore, make sure to purchase your ticket well in advance. When we present participating restaurants, we also usually release additional tickets in addition to Blind Tickets.

How do I buy my ticket?

You buy your ticket here via the website. The ticket will be emailed to you and you can either print the ticket or have it in your mobile.

How big a party do you recommend we should be?

We do not recommend groups larger than 10 people. If you want to go in a larger group, contact

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